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  Hypnotherapy services can be great for pateints suffering from PTSD  as I have worked with a number of pateints that have had these symptoms. Outdated belief systems and negative thought patterns can be broken down with my therapy and I

    The Source Of Your Fears.   Any problem cannot be resolved unless you get to the source of the problem. The same is the case with your fears. If you are serious about getting rid of those fears and lead a more rewarding life

Hypnotherapy Stockport#  Working @Centrenews today( cenacle), I've recently be helping people with #anxiety problems which i help with Autogenics hypnotherapy &EFT.  problems such as #examfears #backtoschool & fear of flying to

  Conditions treated    Most health conditions will respond to a natural health approach. However there are certain conditions that I see regularly that I have developed well trialled protocols around. Amongst these are Menapause

Osteopathy - back pain Osteopathy can help support patients going through spinal problems, from sports people who have jarred their spines through different supporting activities from Jogging to wrestling to swimming.  BJJ Brazilian Jujitsu

Cenacle Treatment Centre Room rental Stockport  Clinic Room 2 available for annual lease £495 a month 9am-8pm monday Friday.  Saturday 9am - 4pm  Disabled access and Facilities  Free beverages and wifi and free receptionist

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