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Colonic  A well functioning colon handles all the waste that’s thrown at it, a sluggish one, affects the WHOLE BODY. Colon Hydrotherapy can alleviate all this

Get a better Functioning bowel through regular treatments of Colonic  A propper functioning bowl is its most effective when properly hydrated, since the smaill hairs that move the feacal matter and waste materail through the long intestine. If

Herbal Medicine Menopause The menopause is often talked about with dread and despair but it is the entry into a natural mature phase in a woman’s life that should be celebrated. As a male it may sound a little hollow coming from me on this issue

Menapause Testimonial    Ms D was 51 when she started experiencing menopause symptoms of hot flushing. Her periods had become irregular over the last 18 months with the last 6 months earlier. The flushing was day and night, with no

Colonic# Colonic hydrotherapy is one of the best ways to rehydrate supprissingly, another great option for a person who is dehydrated and finding it hard to drink lots of water then this is a great way to be rehydrated.  Another reason for

Room rental and treatents avaialbe in Stockport# @cenacle treatment centre.  Hourly room rental available in the woodsmoore offerton stockport hazelgrove area near many arterile route into Manchester and Cheshire.  We are based near

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