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Hypnobanding# Once you have made up your mind to get rid of that weight that you no longer want or need, you should make that commitment and go into it with a positive attitude!!   We all know that getting rid of excess weight can be quite

Fear#   #Want to go on holiday but you have #fear of flying?  Had an accident on holiday can't go abroad again? I can #help  #eft #autogenics     What is Phobia?   A phobia is an overwhelming and debilitating

Autogenics# If you feel that thoughts and feelings connected to an event may be inpacting and controlling your life in a destructive way.  such as substance misuse, anxiety. selfharm.   Family member been a #vicim of crime such as Raheem

Stop# Need to stop smoking but as part of your #pain management it stops you being irritable & snappy. Like many pain sufferers I've helped people #quit smoking. and control their pain without excessive use of pain

Clinic Hire# £495 a month for doctors & consultants
Autogenics  I can give you skills for life in dealing with anxiety, pain management and getting rid of the attachment of the past to live #happy in the present and plan for the future with #PositiveThoughts  @Centrenews @StockportHypno

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