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What is the Menopause 

The menopause is a natural period of transition, and can herald a new phase in a women's life that shouldn't be seen as a beginning of decline but more a shift to greater freedom.

Like all periods of transition the menopause can throw up symptoms both emotionally and physically, and at a broad band of ages around fifty two the cessation of periods is the observable result of a number of complex hormone changes.

HRT is the popular answer to these problems. However various reports have cast doubt on the long term use of HRT and in the end it is just stalling the transition. There are many natural treatments that can deal with the more uncomfortable symptoms.

Herbal treatments will work towards helping the body to adapt to the new balance of hormonnes and also give relief to the symtoms why this is achieved.

Why choose a Consultant herbalist 

Every person is an individual and so the correct balance of herbs and program will vary but I would typically expect a three month programme to be effective, although some people will take longer to reach a stable pattern.

HRT in my eyes, although giving some people quick symptomatic relief, is really just putting off the day when this process must take place as it is recognised that the extended use of oestrogen in this manner can potentially lead to other health problems.

I would expect to see someone for a first consultation and a couple of monthly follow ups to get on top of the problem and I would expect that the herbs will be taken for 3 to 6 months.

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