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HAPPY CLIENTS Mr Akhtar has performed over one thousand cosmetic surgery operations and thousands of plastic surgery operations. Here are some reviews!Follow this link
Room rental available for consultants here at cenacle treatent centre. 16 years and still here.
Non Drug therapy lowers rates of Suicides An article published by medical news today suggest that integrative medicine  changing mainstream way of dealing with pain management.    The report based written on the results of a

Relate Counselling  The relationship people# Here at @Relate_charity we can help parents navigate hard times in their relationship for the sake of their children. Whether you're working with an intact couple or separated parents you can

Treatment for Menaopause @cenalcecentre  Supporting patients through positive mental attitude through #mental health support and herbal consultant. Gina McGarry “Menopause is an achievement, not an illness”   Susan Curtis “The

Consultants @CenacletreatmentcentreFacial Surgery#Cheshire Consultants specialise in reconstructive and head & neck surgery and our practice is dedicated to working on the face and neck. We treat patients as a team and our patients get the

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