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Police given relaxation techniques to help combat stress

Police have been given access to 5 hours of visual relaxation workshops. This has been made compulsory for all front line police, dog handlers and control room staff. Hertfordshire police revealed it had sent more than 1,000 of its officers a third of its workforce on a course and when a survey was conducted after it revealed that many were negative and cynical.

Visualisation techniques are very effective though if a person is trapped within a cynical mind state fuelled by stress and aggression then to achieve maximum relaxation is near to impossible.

CTC corporate wellbeing relies on the client being relaxed through massage, this allows them to be more responsive within the breathing relaxation classes and other workshops we run. Massage is an important catalyst within any of our workshops but along with that is also diet, I.e if you are drinking too much coffee and taking too many stimulants just to get through work then this also needs to be addressed if you are participating in a visual relaxation workshop.

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