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Therapist helps clients access treatment for a price they choose

Reza Asal has worked in Italy for 20years and has seen a lot of therapists quit his industry through a low client base. Though Reza was different and he chose to supply a service for a price his community could afford. His passion lyes with helping people feel better and tackling problems such as pain relief, depression, anxiety, lack of energy etc.

Though many working people would deem this type of act business suicide, Reza's opinion is quit the opposite

"we have all studied this therapy to help people, and that should be our first priority! intern they will help me by telling their friends and family my therapy is fast and effective! Helping people is why I started why should I change my morals"

Reza's treatment is Tuina massage ( the Chinese way of healing) it is fast effective and most of all safe. He has delbt with a wide range of injuries and emotional issues and his clients seem amazed by the effectiveness of his treatment. I believe to be able to offer such treatment in times of economic woe can only be a possitive thing for ourselves and our community.

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