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Childhood stress can cause illness in adult life

Despite Dr Andrea Danese, a clinical lecturer at the Institute of Psychiatry in London, higlighting that such studies had to be interpreted carefully because there is a chance that people do not recall their childhoods accurately and you can only show an association not prove causality. However, memory loss and difficultites in recollecting shocking events, is a significant and concommitent symptom in adults who have suffered trauma through childhood; For example where a bereavement/injury/abuse has occurred.

He also stated that it has already been established that childhood stress has an effect on mental health and it now seems like it has an enduring effect on physical health. He said that stress causes an increase in inflammatory proteins (which we know is part of the immune system cascade) and this could underpin the physical consequences suggested by the research.

According to the International stress management association in a recent publication, there is clear outcomes from ongoing reserach into the effects of stress and the connection bewteen the mind and physical symptoms. (may edition ISMA journal for stress management 2010). A number of therapies can be effective in this area which addresses the mind as well as the physical. Whereas CBT and Psychotherapy identifies the point of disturbance in the individual providing a dynamic format for them to work through the specific mental symptoms they suffer. The physical symptoms can only be palliated until which time the mental symptoms are balanced.

Homeopathy and Hypnotherapy provide an very effective and additional approach to Psychotherapy working through the complex issues involved with trauma from childhood. Homeopathy can help to balance the trauma experienced by a system overloaded with emotions. Hahnemann believed that if at any point in a person's life, they suffered shock, trauma or injury then the immune system would do whatever was necessary to compensate for that experience. Over a prolonged and sustained period this can have a significant impact on the immunity, leading to chronic ill health.

Physiologicially when a person suffers a shock their core energy retreats to protect the heart and vital organs. Blood, energy and even consciousness will be slowed down so that life can be maintained and the metabolism stabilized.  Ater the shock has subsided, the body, 'when healthy' regulates itself by increasing circulation and allowing the blood to flow to the surface again and for the consciousness to be awakened. Each time a person experiences shock the nerves are deadened and vitality dimished. In the case of a large shock (unxpected bereavement, sexual/physical abuse, accident/injury) this would be sufficient to overwhelm the nervous system to such an extent; that the energy could be withheld from some of the vital organs and the senses would become less acute.

Homeopathy helps the individual who has been traumatized understand how they have compensated for the shock, trauma, injury, loss/separation they have experienced. The homepath does this by matching those symptoms with a homeopathic remedy. They are able to relieve the stress of shock and its compensatory symptoms as well as dealing with the long-term chronic conditions.

Hypnotherapy provides the blue print on which to move forward from the traumatic events and prevent the indiviudals repeating negative behavioural patterns and situations that are a result of their own experience. For example victims of abuse attracting abusive partners in their relationships.

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