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Osteopathy   Clifford Lomas is registerd uder the General Osteopathic Council and has been practicing for over 30 years, book with Clifford today.@centrenews  
Testimonial migraines @centrenews With osteopathy & Homeopathy. Testimonial Fractured skull severe Migraines after event, with no other medication which was able to quell my migraines. I was prescribed a high dose of a homeopathic tincture

Book Medicals with Dr Manjula @D4medicals  Book for medical assesments here at cenacle Treatmetn centre on Saturday afternoons. If patients are looking to see a Medical Doctor within a fast time from setting the appointment to assesment book

Acupuncture treatment after Knee dislocation  Back walking with weight on foot after 10day and 3 Intesive corse of acupuncture with Lin DU. She is a brilliant acupunturist which I use regularly to be able to to still compete due to the

Acupuncture with Lin Qualifications: BSc Acupuncture MSc Integration of Traditional Chinese medicine and Western Medicine PhD Traditional Chinese Medicine Membership: British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) Association of Traditional Chinese

Room rental Available for Medical Clinics.    Hosting consulting rooms for medical treatments and consultations. Working with many consultants not only for RTA and Medical Negligence claims, we provide a consultation for surgery for

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