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Treatment for Menaopause @cenalcecentre  Supporting patients through positive mental attitude through #mental health support and herbal consultant. Gina McGarry “Menopause is an achievement, not an illness”   Susan Curtis “The

Consultants @Cenacletreatmentcentre Facial Surgery# Cheshire Consultants specialise in reconstructive and head & neck surgery and our practice is dedicated to working on the face and neck. We treat patients as a team and our patients get the

Treatment Centre# A rage of different treatments at Cenacle medical centre. We are lucky to have consultants and Docotrs screening paitients for further sugical intervention or medicals for RTA .  Treatments for Back pain neck pain and knee

How to Think Positively   Positive thinking is a mental attitude that expects good and favourable outcomes from life. A mind that is in a positive state allows you to anticipate happiness, health and a successful outcome from every situation

Room rental  Cost effective room rental in Stockport Cheshire. Book now for end of year clinics and futher medical assesment clinics throughout  2020.
Medicals @centrenews  We facilitate medicals for Consultants & Drs who are always running different clinics and need a professional working environment with responsive management who can help support a clinic that may be over time or

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