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Master yourself and emotions through anchors.

During these uncertain times we need a quick fix which can help us get through the day. So, what follows is a technique I have shown many people over the years which can help. It’s what is called “An Anchor”. It is a simple technique which we can use to bring experiences under our conscious control and bring them out whenever we want to.
So, let’s say for instance we are looking for more confidence in the future or for a special occasion. Well, we can create an anchor for that to give us the confidence when needed.
So, here is how we do it.
1. You recall an experience with the resource which you require.
2. When you experience the resource at its maximum, then you can squeeze the forefinger and thumb together which will anchor the experience.
3. Recall, or imagine several other similar experiences to strengthen the feeling which you desire and apply the anchor.
4. Test the anchor and see if it evokes the experience which you want. If not just repeat the above steps.
In the above anchor we are using the forefinger and thumb as the anchor, but you can apply the anchor on the back of the wrist, the shoulder or clasping the hands. You can even anchor it to a sound a gesture or even a piece of music.
Just have a go and see how you feel.

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