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HCG slimming treatment for metabolic syndrome's

HCG slimming treatment has helped a range of different people who come from many different back grounds but share the same problem, unwanted fat storage in specific areas of the body.
These areas generally are the stomach tops of the thighs armpits and the back and even when some people diet themselves to starvation they only seem to be used but as soon as people go back to a normal eating regime the adipose tissue or fat cells collect in the same area again.

Professional Sportsmen such as boxers were astounded that with BCS slimming clinics help they found that they could stabilise their weight before and after a competition and that this fat did not collect in the areas mentioned above.

I first came to the BSC Slimming clinic unsure that they could help me. Being an active MMA fighter I had always wanted to drop a weight category, however I could not reach that weight class. I tried everything from just eating veg & protein to starvation though nothing would help me rip my stomach, I still had a belly ( which I found upsetting). When I was diagnosed with a metabolic disorder I was immediately put through the BSC Slimming Protocol which I found easy since I was taking the HCG and not feeling hungry what so ever. I also found that I lost a substantial amount of weight and couldn’t believe that within four weeks I had lost a stone plus and was still losing inches off my waist, and eventually I saw all the muscle form which I had been working on for many years which was hidden by this excess fat.

Sean Pro MMA fighter

Growing up I always had weight to me and I thought this was just my body type not until I was diagnosed with a metabolic disorder by the BSC Slimming clinic I knew weight management for me could be different . Before any martial arts competition a fighter has to slim down and get in to the weight category they want to be in but over the last 20 years of my carrier I found that I had to always be regimented in the food I ate ( despite the amount of exercise I was doing) though now my struggle has gone. Thank you to Jeanette & Richard and everyone there at the BSC Slimming clinic, your support has changed my life and the weight that had always plagued my training efforts has stayed off. Thanks again
Jon Santry, Pro MMA Fighter

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