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Unacceptable care for diabetes screening & post care

Diabetes and screening treatment is a postcode lottery and if everyone received the right standard of care it is estimated 24,000 lives could be saved each year

Barbra Young director of diabetes UK the  says there"Given all the increasingly strong evidence of inadequate care, we simply cannot understand why the NHS has sleep walked into this situation."

Committee chairwoman, Margaret Hodge, said: "There is no strong leadership and no effective accountability. "Variation in the level of progress across the NHS also means that there is an unacceptable 'postcode lottery' of care."

With a rise in type 2 diabetes each year the UK has to look at other disorders that could be surging this problem such as Metabolic syndromes , and caine sugars which are not clearly labelled and hidden in many foods and drinks surging a rise in obesity and obesity linked illnesses.

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