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The National Bariatric Surgery Registry states that weight loss surgery has reported a large reduction in type 2 diabetes and other health problems. The registry states that type 2 diabetes & health related problems due to being over weight fell by over 50% and on average patients lost nearly 60% of their excess weight a year after surgery, based on 1,421 operations.

Though it is not the invasive procedure that gives these health benefits it is the release of the excess weight. Once a person has gastric band surgery the band can not be removed, if a person suffers from trapped wind or has eaten the wrong food it can be a very painful ailment to live with. The report details one-year follow up data for 1,421 operations. Of these, 379 patients had type 2 diabetes before surgery, while one year later that figure had fallen to 188.
The BBC fails to mention any other problems/ailments linked with gastric banding or ballooning, just that there will be a high demand for this service, due to its impact on type 2 diabetes sufferer’s.
So where might the research and development in to non invasive measures such as medication be mainstream and alternate or even hypnotic techniques that can effect weight management, why is surgery the only option for people with a weight problem?
Out of an estimated 10,000 such operations carried out in the UK during the financial years 2008/09 and 2009/10, the audit looked at 7,045.

sourced from bbc news Type 2 diabetes 'cut' after weight-loss surgery

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