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We have been operating for a number of years, and have a list of clients happy and enpowered by our wonderfull weight loss treatment. Though certain articles condeming the use of HCG for weightloss have been published on the internet by business advertising pharmaceutical weight loss products and have described HCG's effectivness.

Their only evidence to this claim ( which was not sourced) is that the VLCD ( very low calorie diet) is the reason wy our clients have had a positive response to the treatment. Also stating that VLCD with HCG is dangerous and our clients are depriving their bodies of nutrition. Though people with a metabolic disorder will fin dit hard to shift addipose tissue from certain areas of the body if they were to go on a VLCD. But when we give a client who has a metabolic dissorder HCG and start the VLCD they start shedding the weight from those hard to reach areas, without feeling hungry.

This attack on HCG for weight loss shows the lack of understanding not only in how the BSC slimming clinic operates but how the procedure works, we have had a number of clients who have had gastric balloons and bands, which had resulted in them having the liquid taken out of them due to how unconfortable they are.

This article is in response to an article written in Cosmopolitan called can this "fertility drug make you lose weight" June Cosmoplitan 2011

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