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Neck pain and Migraines

Computer work and repetitive strain

Millions of people these days spend many hours a day working at a computer screen. The rise in it use has brought with it an increase in problems of the upper, back, neck, shoulders and arms.
These sorts of problems tend to be chronic problems tend to be chronic ongoing aches and pains and are often associated with poor posture and repetitive strain. Headaches are often associated with neck problems and pins and needles in the arm and hand occurs where nerves in the upper back and neck are irritated, trapped or inflamed. Quite often problems of this sort can be initiated by a minor fall or accident which in itself may not cause much problems of this sort can be initiated by a minor fall or accident which itself may not cause much of a problem but not if its not allowed to heal fully because of for example.

repetitive strains at work or postural habits an insignificant injury can become a nagging chronic problem. Often people put up with these symptoms for several months before seeking treatment.

How many treatments are needed?

This depends how set in it is. Mrs H. had suffered with constant headaches for a year. She improved after 4 treatments but continued to have monthly treatments for a while until she was sure they were gone. Others take longer like Mr A. Who had been having migraine attacks 2 or 3 times a month for seven years. He was a lot better after having 6 treatments over a period of four months but came back every now and then if symptoms flared up.
For some people who have had migraine for much of their life since childhood or teenage years, the more realistic goal is to help alleviate the symptoms and lessen the attacks rather than expect a total cure in the short term. I have several patients of this type, some whom have suffered from migraine for forty-plus years, and who have monthly maintenance treatments.

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