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I came across a book a few weeks ago which literally blew me away. I trained as a paediatric nurse many moons ago, so spent years caring for sick children.
The prominent medical conditions I worked with were cystic fibrosis . Malabsorption syndrome , Celiac disease, Ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease.
These conditions all have a major impact on any individual. but on children they are miserable conditions which cause untold distress to them and their parents.
To get back to the point ! The book “BREAKING THE VICIOUS CYCLE” by Elaine Gottschall tells of how all these conditions are curable by simply adjusting the diet!!!

To Quote from Elaine” In 1951 after many years of clinical experience, Dr Sidney V and Merrill P. Haas published a book entitled Management of Celiac Disease. Directed
to the medical community, the book documented the doctors' experiences in treating and curing hundreds of cases of Celiac disease as well as Cystic fibrosis of the pancreas.
Their approach was dietary, and they used well balanced , normal diet that was highly specific as to the types of sugars and starches allowed. When patients followed this
Specific Carbohydrate Diet for a minimum of one year, they were then able to return to a normal diet with complete and permanent disappearance of symptoms.

In 1958 Elaine took her eight year old daughter to see Drs' Haas who had been diagnosed three years earlier by specialists as having incurable ulcerative colitis, and whose condition
was deteriorating . The years of treatment with Cortisone and sulfonamides, plus innumerable other medical approaches had been unsuccessful and surgery seemed imminent.
The Drs' Haas placed her on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, and within two years she was free from symptoms. She returned to eating normally after another few years and
has remained in excellent health for over twenty years.”

Well after reading this book I felt like it must be me! not in the loop!! that so much had changed and research had finally found a solution to these horrible conditions isn't that wonderful !
But look at the dates !!!!! I started my nurse training in 1968 !!! All this knowledge was out there then !! so much suffering could have been avoided by so many !! and still the mainstream medical
community do not connect the dots and link all these diseases to a problem in the small intestines !! and are still ignoring wonderful results in favour of cruel and ineffective drug regimes or worst surgery

So please if you read this and know anyone with these conditions get them to read this book or better still send them a copy.


Written by Jeanette Blackwell

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