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Sluggish Bowel?


Irregular bowel movement and constipation are both commonplace and due to a number of causes. This can range from an unbalanced diet to nervous tension, and stress.

It should take about 10-12 hours for material to pass through the body. If this does not occur then, as well as physical discomfort and bloating, toxins can be retained in the bowel that can leak into the surrounding tissue and bloodstream affecting other organs. This can be the root cause of many symptoms from digestive discomfort to tiredness, headaches, hormonal and immunity problems.

A minimum is a bowel movement per day and two or three is ideal.

However there are many herbs that in combination can help to move the bowels and restore a normal regular function as well as re-educate the bowel to have a regular habit.

By consulting with a herbalist the right combination of herbs can be prescribed to suit the individual. Advice and an overall treatment plan will be offered alongside this.

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