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Sugar drink warning labels change behaviour in US teens

Effective posters labelling how much exercise is needed to burn off calorific drinks. .
The most effective sign said it took five miles to walk off the 250 calories in a sugary drink.Public Health England said the study showed simple health messages worked. Another sign said a 16 teaspoons of sugar - contained in a 590ml bottle of fizzy drink, sports drink or fruit juice.Study leader Dr Sara Bleich, associate professor at the Bloomberg School, John Hopkins University, said people do not understand calorie content on its own on a label.
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Slimming through Nutrition and exercise.

If patients do not have a metabolic problem then exercise and good nutrition is the way to tackle obesity. The main problem slimmers have with this is the amount of hidden sugars in foods, the key to this is don’t buy anything with an advert and stick too non marketed/ advertised foods. Weight watchers which does not consider itself to be a diet according to its website and the problem with Weight Watchers is that maintaining proper nutrition is a distant second to shedding pounds and being Thinner does not necessarily mean healthier.

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