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Restricted advertising at CTC for EFT therapy used by the NHS in pain management and mental health wards

Advertising Standard Agency stopped this website from advertising EFT which is a brilliant non drug based therapy.

Outlining we can not advertise any treatment that has not gone through Clinical trails ( controlled by the multi billion pound drug companies) it seems this non drug based treatment has had another layer of control pressed against it.

Here are the people who work for asa the same people who actioned a complaint triggered by internet trolls. They claim up to £17,000 a year and tell business in the UK how to explain their own products. In a society of free speech this seems to be negated when following the complaints of other people . I find it shocking that a therapy that is used in NHS hospitals and advertised there can be attacked by internet trolls and backed by a ASA.

If you would like to email me with your positive experiences of EFT where drugs failed we will be happy to upload your information.

This link provides evidence that 90% of war veterans were rid of PTSD after using EFT a non drug based medicine.

Here is some information on NICE drug trails for the effectiveness of EFT for stop smoking. We were told that we couldn't advertise this therapy here at the Cenacle Treatment Centre.





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