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Headache and migraine course

Further information for headache & migraine course
Venue : British school of osteopathy
For travel details/ parking information etc please visit British School
of Osteopathy

Timetable ;

  • 9.30-10.00 ; Registration
  • 10.00- 11.30; Introduction to Migraine. PowerPoint presentation by RichardKatesmark (registered Osteopath) ; incl. Pathophysiology/common presentations/ `headpain-specific` history taking/yellow and red flags & differential diagnosis.
  • 11.30-11.45 ; Caffeine break ( tea/coffee & biscuits provided)
  • 11.45-1.00 ; Migraines cont; incl. Examination & useful investigations/psychological considerations/ when to refer/ treatment and management/ brief overview of other primary headpain disorders/ reasons for poor outcomes/ other useful approaches/ specific case discussion /questions. Nb. There will be several handouts incl examples of case histories, headpain diaries, supplement protocols etc

LUNCH (not provided- there are a number of local cafes & restaurants)

  • 2.12 - 3.45 ; PowerPoint presentation by Cliff Lomas focusing on cervicogenic and tension-type headaches and neck relatedmigraine; comparisons, contrasts and overlap with several case examples / detailed pathophysiology and relevant anatomy based on published evidence / importance of upper cervicals / typicaosteopathic findings.
  • 3.45- 4.00; Caffeine break
  • 4.00- 5.15 ; Evidence of effectiveness of osteopathy and other forms ofphysical medicine including audit of Cliff’s patients /expectations of treatment / outline and demonstration of osteopathic techniques including exercises and management.

Richard Katesmark

I am a GOSC registered osteopath, qualified in 1987 following a four-year
full-time training course at the British School of Osteopathy in London. A
special interest in headaches developed due to suffering from constant
headaches during my early 20s (cured by osteopathic treatment to my lower
back and neck).

I am a member of the Migraine Association and also a member of B. A. S. H.
(British Association for the study of headaches). I regularly attend the Oxford
headache and migraine symposiums (specialised seminars run principally for
neurological consultants who have a particular interest in headache and
migraine), have lectured to groups of GP`s on head pain on several occasions
and also have attended the European Headache and Migraine Trust
International Congress (the premier international event showcasing the latest
research for neurologists, physicians, scientists, and international experts with
an interest in migraine and headache disorders).
As well as being experienced in the musculoskeletal causes of head pain I
have also been to a number of postgraduate courses on nutritional medicine,
psychotherapy, allergies/food intolerance, chronic pain syndromes,
herbal/supplement protocols, and exercise rehabilitation.
Please visit my clinic website for further information ; HeadPain Relief

Cliff Lomas

Cliff’s first career was as a geologist before training at BCNO. He qualified in
1986 in Osteopathy and Naturopathy and has been working in private
practices in Stockport and Glossop since then. He has had a growing interest
in headaches and migraines for about 15 years, Migraine Action awarded him
‘Best in Complementary medicine’ in 2008 and since then has been on their
Medical Advisory Board. He is particularly interested in the role of neck
dysfunction in headache syndromes and has researched widely on this subject.
He firmly believes that osteopathy has a lot to offer headache patients and has
given presentations to several groups of osteopaths.

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