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Scientists have opened up the possibility of one day using cancer patients' own skin to fight their tumours. Oxford University researchers transformed skin cells into immune cells, which could be used to trigger a hunt for cancer. It was achieved only in the laboratory, not in people, meaning any therapy is a long way off.

The methodology is the same as Homeopathy so why not incorporate mainstream research in a therapy that has been around for over 200 years?

As research continues in to the different varrients of cancer and how it can be prevented, researcher's claim that the body has reverted different cells and that the body's immune system can heal itself.

Through a complimentary view this discovery is nothing new, and that complimentary medicine takes in account a persons ailment as a whole remedy picture and that there normaly is an emotion feeding this ailment. Mainstream medicine treats a patient like a machine and that every physical symptom has No emotional link, maybe if they took this uunderstanding within their research they maybe have a better out come quicker.

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