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The Cost of welbeing

Antonio Horta-Osorio, chief executive of Lloyds banking group, has been signed off work for medical reasons, reportedly stress and "extreme fatigue". But does mental health issues or (stress related illness) have a certain stigma attached to it, & will people mask their feelings/emotions until this emotional turmoil reaches them on a physical plain.

Physical symptoms induced by emotional turmoil can appear within ailments such as IBS, high blood pressure, night terrors to seizures and even heart attacks. Though if a person felt this disturbance and wanted to change perception and escape their stress related symptom/mind state, the only main stream treatment for this would be antidepressants (which numb all feelings and emotions).

Powerful negative emotion can lead to ill health, so why do we need to be physically ill to receive help?

Illness is catalysed by emotional upheaval this could be anything from personal life to office politics. Though its a persons perception that realy affects their day to day health, Unfortunately some people perceive that there is a stigma attached to mental health and because of this, do not want the help they so desperately need, until this emotional upheaval resonates on a physical plain allowing them time off work.

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