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NHS 'must do more tonsil removal operations'?

According to ENT UK, hospital wards are dealing with a rise in complications which they are linking to throat cancer. The government said there was no excuse for cutting services patients need. In the mid-90s, over 77,000 tonsillectomies - where the tonsils are removed - were performed every year. By 2008 this had gone down to fewer than 50,000 - a 37% reduction. Tonsillectomy rates are now lower in the UK than in any other country in Europe (sourced from BBC news).

If we look at the operation within an anatomy & physiology aspect , the procedure and its end results.  The tonsils are lymph nodes and when they are inflamed it gives us the message that our immune system is working against a threat.

If a patient has this mechanism and it is removed, the signs that they are under threat of infection will simply move to other parts of the lymphatic system, such as the auxillary duct, or even the lungs. The reason for this operation is clear, though I believe patients who have had this treatment should come back and be screened to allow much more research to be administered. This will provide our MD the choice/ability to understand why the body behaves in this manner and that surgery or synthetic drugs are not are only option.

Other complementary opinions

If an alternative/ complementary practitioner were to look at these symptoms they would first ask what was happening within the patients life, look at the patient as a whole not just the broken part of a machine (the main stream way).

Since the throat is a main Chakra point, the practitioner would treat swolen tonsils as an

“emotion manifesting on a physical plain”.

When a practitioner looks at a patient in this manner many other ailments seem to be clear and there seems to be a direct corolation between bad emotion and illness. For example, stress, the lesser symptoms of stress sweating heart palpitations, the most serious part of stress heart failure/ death. This indicates the correlation between emotion and disease, though mainstream medicine does not agree with this opinion? and in this case a weak heart or high blood pressure (due to stress) is dealt by Statin based prescriptions.

It seems that MD can only make two decisions, they give you antibiotics which fight the infection bypassing the immune system or remove the specific part of the immune system and  indicater in the body that tells you that you have a disease, either way the problem or catalyst is still there and it will keep coming up or turn to a more destructive disease if not dealt with properly.

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