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Vitalbotanics are a natural remedy solution for the modern age!
Natural vitalbotanic remedies are a range of blended herbal remedies, that I have developed and made in my own pharmacy, that are concentrated herbal tinctures, prescribed in drop dosage in the homeopathic style.
They are designed to work on various organs and systems in the body to clear much of the superficial symptoms, including those manifested by pharmaceutical side effects, so that the true nature of the underlying problem can be seen. This can then be dealt with by herbal or homeopathic means in the conventional manner.
Although the principals of herbal treatment, homeopathic methodology and the idea of the vital force are well rooted in the world wide tradition of botanical medicine, it is a very modern problem that this new variation addresses.
Many patients today present with a wide raft of symptoms and equally with many symptoms being suppressed by modern pharmaceuticals. Many are also under a regime of polypharmacy making a true diagnosis and treatment plan very difficult to arrive at.
Vitalbotanic remedies are made up of a blend of herbs each picked for its ability to act on a particular organ or systems to remove toxins, vitalise, and achieve homeostasis.
The blended remedies can then be further combined to address the particular patient needs. All the remedies are succussed and the dosage is adjusted to suit the patient.
Because of their nature these remedies are very safe, effective, a minimal cost and they can achieve a quick response giving patient’s confidence.
The remedies are made using tinctures made from the freshest materials, many tinctured at the sight of harvest in order to capture the maximum intensity of active ingredients and vital force. Because they are made in this way they are predominantly a combination of western herbs selected using our clinical experience as well as information gleaned from old and new herbal and homeopathic materia medica sources.
They come in five types:
Organ Support
General Condition Combos
Emotional Support

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