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Work life balance

Long shift work and unregulated shift patterns is the catayalist in all cases of work related illness,though for many staff its work balance that can tip the scale and send some staff members ill. Workbalance can be tricky especialy when workers have a young family or they are young themselves and want to still have a full social life.

All these actvities outside the workplace are great for worklife balance though the actions of a heavy weekend can reflect in a 12 hour shift. This is something that Dr Borman mentioned in his report, that it wasn't just the balance of shift patterns and better working conditions that would improve nurses health it was investing in themselves that would intern stop sicknesss absence.

Staffing levels criple the NHS budget having to hire locoms for 3 times as much as a normal nurse cost, also the report mentioned that if you were to increase shift times it would be harder to get the staff to cover it and would increase the rate of sickness absence. In my opinion nurses need to be invested into and awarded for their healthy living choices and working commitment, it seems the only support a nurse recieves is when they are sick or have been push byond their limit.

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