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Detoxing using Conlonic Hydotherapy 

Colonic hydrotherapy is the method of flushing undigested food which may be setteld in the colon. This could be due to a patients diet and water intake, with conveinence food ranging in the patients with the worse symptoms such as bloating flatulence and even poor bowel functioning. 
These symptoms can be triggered by eating Processed food which contains large ammounts of salts and sugars introducing this with a  low water intake and a minimal exercise regime which in turn can lead to a poor bowel functioning. One of the greatest measures to change this apart from a change in diet would be an increase of water and one of the quickest ways to do this is through Colonic hydrotherapy, as the water is absorbed into the colon which is quicker than drinking water. 

Colonic Irrigation

Are you feeling tired, Sluggish and achy?
Bloated, tired and irritable.
Had a recent bout of illness that required antibiotics?
Constipation and IBS giving you headaches.
Did you realise that there are two main systems of colonic hydrotherapy and that the difference does make all the difference to your comfort and outcome?
In a closed colonic, the client is asked to undress from the waist down, lie on their side a couch and the therapist inserts a gloved finger into the rectum to assess the trajectory of the sphincter (incidentally everyone’s is different!) The therapist then introduces a speculum attached to a tube,the speculum is removed and the tube is attached to the water supply. 
The client is requested to hold onto the water entering the bowel for as long as possible and the therapist then releases the pressure on the tube and waste matter is expelled. This process is repeated a number of times. The client is then directed to a toilet to evacuate the remaining waste matter.
In an open colonic, the client remains fully clothed as the therapist shows the client how to insert a rectal tube (no bigger in diameter than a pencil) that is already attached to a fully automated machine. The therapist then leaves the room, the client removes clothes from the waist down and gets on the couch. They then insert the tube by themselves (a surprisingly easy procedure) covers themselves with a large towel and calls the therapist in the adjacent room. 

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