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Bowel problems from poor food choices.

Refined foods and carbohydrates are a poor choice of diet for someone  suffering from a slow and uncomfortable bowel movements. Some people admit they do not drink water when filling in their medical history form before receiving colonic Hydrotherapy. This has become more common and is understandable why some people have poor skin problems and head aches. This may be because of dehydration along with the high sugar content in their food and drinks. 

A propper functioning bowl is its most effective when properly hydrated, since the smaill hairs that move the feacal matter and waste materail through the long intestine. If the hairs become caked in waste materies due to the poor hydration in the body that persons bowel will start holding pockets of gas and increasing the symptoms of IBS.  
Colon hydrotherapy is a unique service beneficial for people who can not drink enough water to maintain a good functioning bowl and find it hard to pass bowl movements. This service will hydrate body and allow a better functioning bowl.

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