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Losing Weight when obese

I'm too big to work out. How can I lose weight?

Training can be extremely difficult when obese and whilst on a low calorie diet, many slimmers find it hard to continue with this fitness and healthy eating regime.

If a person is fortunate enough not to have a metabolic disorder, visiting a nutritionist / PT for weight management work is a strong start to know why that person is gaining weight.
This could range from the persons connection to food such as comfort eating or eating when watching television and not knowing how much food that person has consumed.

Hypnosis slimming and Hypno-banding

If you contact any person who has had a gastric band surgery the end result to a patient over eating is pain. This involves a restrictive band around the stomach that will constrict if you have eaten too much or consumed food which produces excess gas.
If you would like to know more about hypno banding then contact Douglas Craddock

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