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Men and sexual health It is estimated that 1in 10 men over the age of suffers from importance or erectile dysfunction. Whilst men increasingly turn to homeopathy for their sexual health problems, most men suffer in silence.Homeopathy offers

What is homeopathy Homeopathy is a holistic system of medicine, based on an understanding of the interconnection between mind and body. By taking a full case history, homeopaths aim to treat the whole person, not just their disease. Instead of

Mens health, "its just a flesh wound" For men, its not just the physical health that suffers- their mental and emotional health is also at risk. Many men find it hard to express their discomfort or attend to early indications that they are all

Infertility Success Story. How I Overcame Infertility With EFT Tapping. I first sought help from Amanda Kinané for problems with infertility.  I had had difficulty conceiving for around 4 years.  There was no physical cause in myself or

What is candida? Candida is natural yeast that lives in the body in small harmless amounts. It is found in the creases and crevices of the digestive tract and in the vaginal tract in women. Many factors can contribute, but a disturbance in the

Back pain may not only be the result of physical injury but an emotional problem manifesting on a physical plain Back pain can be a debilitating ailment, and our perception of this problem can mainly be that its an injury sustained by physical

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