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Ms E came with a suspected BCC on the upper lip. She had had one removed from the side of the nose 5 years earlier which had  followed  a similar progression, starting as a freckle that was stable for six months but had rapidly changed in the last 2 months. She had seen the original consultant but they wanted to remove a large area in the very prominent position, she had therefore come to look at alternatives. The procedure of using an escharotic salve, a herbal based salve applied to the area to kill and remove the carcinoma, was explained to her which she decided to think about. She was immediately put on a herbal tonic designed to boost the immune system and increase the removal of waste from the bloodstream . After a period of 5 weeks we went ahead with the salve. This was applied over two days and after a further two days the area was defined and starting to blister. The whole process to remove the carcinoma took twelve days with some discomfort but not painful and left with no scarring. She was kept on the tonioc for a further six weeks and the treatment was complete.

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