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Mr S, Condition: Urticaria,  Source: Own case files,

Mr S came to me with a case of Urticaria that had been troubling him for 6 or 7 years. The rash was centred on the scrotum but flared up in random places on the limbs. He had been treated with anti histamines for all that period which reduced the irritation but had not stopped the problem. We needed to find a root cause for the problem and took a thorough medical history. He had suffered with dermatitis from products used at work showing a skin sensitivity but this was no longer a problem as he was retired, however there had been a history of teenage acne and an enlarged prostate although now this was controlled with a level PSA.This showed a tendency to over productionof testosterone which can be a factor in the onset of urticaria. He was started on a herbal combination that balances the production of testosterone and also contained "alteratives" or blood cleansers. Over the next month it was noted that the anti histamines could be taken at greater interval and by 3 months there was no necessity for the prescription drug with an abatement of all symptoms. He was kept on the herbs for another month and then the treatmernt was complete.

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