Are you sick of visiting you're GP with the same symptoms that has gone on for a very long time and fobbed of with the saying it was a virus? Well that's what was happening to me for approximately 7 years on and off till I was introduced to EFT

I have always been interested in "Past Life Regression" and welcomed the invitation from Douglas to attend one of his classes. The regression workshop was brilliant. One of the past lives I encountered a close friend of mine was able to find this

Many Fears Overcome! I started coming for EFT sessions with Amanda at the Stress to Success Clinic because I found out I had HIV and I wanted to fight it pro-actively. I had no idea at the time that I would go on an amazing journey of

The birth of my first child had been an un-expectedly bad experience, which had left me with many fears for the birth of my second child.My main concern was that I had previously felt a total lack of control and had felt completely overwhelmed

Stress Relief I went to see Amanda regarding performance anxiety and stress around work. My anxiety levels were so high that my health was suffering and I had had to stop work in order to recover. Amanda very quickly and gently enabled me to get

I have suffered back-aches for many years and was always in pain. My sister told me about Billy Bhaker and put me in touch with him. Billy told me about all the different treatments the centre offers and I decided to have hot-stone massage and

After some months of sacral illeac pain in my back and various treatments. I came to see Anne Holloway who was able to help my pain via reflexology.There was an apparent abnormality in my spine and recommended I seek a more detailed consultation

Free To Learn! I had always held this belief that I was not intelligent and that I would never be able to study anything successfully. My fear of failure was always with me and it was a great hurt in me that I had not succeeded when I was at

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