I have always been interested in "Past Life Regression" and welcomed the invitation from Douglas to attend one of his classes. The regression workshop was brilliant. One of the past lives I encountered a close friend of mine was able to find this person with all the information I was able to give which completely shocked me! Was I really that person in a past life? Well I'm convinced I was, mainly because I didn't know anything about this person what so ever. The whole experience was relaxing and to be honest it actually answered some questions as to my behaviour in this life now. I would recommend this treatment to anyone who is wondering for example "Why do I do or fear this?" "Why is this person so familiar?" "How do I know this place, when I have never been before?" My "Past Life Regression" was fantastic and completely safe. My sincere thanks goes to Douglas for helping me to take part in what was a truly amazing journey.

Anita Taylor

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