Prior to meeting Suzannah, I didn't have the first idea about homeopathy - how it worked or what it may be able to do for me. I have to admit that Iwas a little sceptical about making an appointment with Suzannah to discuss an ongoing medical issue

You have probably heard from Irene that I am feeling much better and am able to return to work since February. I want to personally write to thank you for your very kind care, advice, and the remedies that helped me recover from severe fatigue

I would seriously recommend Lin Du to anyone. This was my first appointment with this lady. She listened and asked some general question about my health and then explained what she was going to do and the difference between Chinese and western

Following a lengthy period of stress both in my personal life and at work I was left feeling very isolated. Lacking in confidence and muddled about my direction in life. My head was just like "cotton wool" and I felt unable to cope or focus on

A long time ago I had a bad experience at the dentists and since then have been frightened of going to the dentists. Over the years, rather than having treatment, I have just had a tooth taken out. Eventually I ended up with only four teeth at

The Transition from primary to secondary school last year was a traumatic experience for my son. After only one EFT session there was a significant difference. EFT gave him a real support mechanism to help him deal with his emotional turmoil and

I have suffered with constipation and trapped wind for many years. Whilst attending other therapy at the Cenacle Centre I spoke with Jeanette Blackwell and she spoke to me about Colon Hydrotherapy and the benefits of what this machine can do. I

Beeree bhaker has helped me with my asthma which i had for many years. i think he is a very exceptional homepath and is methods of healing are fantastic. i reccomend him highly to all my friends in london. when i pass through manchester i will

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