I am a chronic pain sufferer due to an injury at work when I damaged my back whilst lifting a resident at home lea care home in 1999. As a result I sustained a prolapsed and herniated disc in my lower back, resulting in nerve damage. My condition

I have recently seen Susannah to see if Homeopathy can help with my anxiety problems. I have been able to talk easily to Susannah and found the experience very helpful. Since my problems are very deep-rooted, it has not been a simple task to find

my experience with homeophatic process involved suzannah taking my complete history including upbringing,family history,dreams,habits,illnesses,food issues etc. then with her experience,great care and through gentle guidance,asking the right

I first visited Annette after experiencing tightness in my legs, particularly after running. Years of exercising without stretching off properly had taken their toll. In Annette\'s very capable hands within two or three sessions, my legs felt much

Emotional Freedom Technique In August of 2009 I went to the Cenacle Clinic in Stockport, where I was introduced to Amanda. My symptoms were such that I was suffering with what I can only describe as chronic and debilitating joint pain and

This was an amazing experience from my first session with Annette. I instantly felt energised and my mind was at peace. I found Annette to be friendly, cheerful and most importantly honest. I recommend Annette and her skills to all.You will not be

•“Suzannah has an instinctive understanding of her patients’ needs. I feel very comfortable speaking to her about issues that may be underlying my health problems, and some of the remedies she has prescribed for me to deal with more personal

•“Suzannah has helped me in the past with much success. The remedies she prescribed helped me recover from a serious flu much quicker than anticipated. Her remedies relieved the symptoms of fever, aches and pains and dizziness. I don’t know what I

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