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  Weight, Is it my gut? Unhealthy diet and not enough exercise are the main causes usually addressed by people battling weight issues - but now new research is showing that the billions upon billions of bacteria that reside in our gut are

Colonic Why 3 is better than 1 The recommended 3 sessions ensures the maximum outcome.   Colon Hydrotherapy can alleviate all this symptoms: Bloating             

Bad Stomach# Millions of people every year go on holiday and come back with a stomach upset. It can be as simple as a change of environment, the heat or even just spicy food, but occasionally it can be caused by an intestinal parasite from

Treatments Available  All of these Treatments# are available today# @centrenews  Treatments available TODAY @centrenews Osteopathy  Colonic Hydrotherapy  Sports Treatment  Acupuncture  Homeopathy  Mecdical Assements for

Fear# Phobias develop when a person has an unrealistic or an exaggerated sense of danger about a situation or object, in other words if a person is in an emotional state when they experience one of these unrealistic or exaggerated situations the

Why choose to have colon hydrotherapy?   Colon hydrotherapy has been around for thousands of years in many disguises. People have known for decades that in order to help the body to be the best it can be, colon hydrotherapy is one of the best

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