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Back and Neck Pain  Cailliet Director of the Department of physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Univercity of Southern California, concluded that foward head posture can add up to (30) pounuds of abnormal leverage on the spine,reduce lung

 Detox with Colonic Hydrotherapy.    This treatment is great for clearing the  body and flushing excess waste that may have built up in the bowel over the years. Some patients are recommended by their GP to have this 

Detoxing using Conlonic Hydotherapy  Colonic hydrotherapy is the method of flushing undigested food which may be setteld in the colon. This could be due to a patients diet and water intake, with conveinence food ranging in the patients with

  How can psychotherapy help me? A trained psychotherapist can offer an environment in which you can:   express your feelings gain a deeper insight into the issues you face. Psychotherapy sessions are confidential. This means

Consulting rooms for Consultants & Doctors  Room rental at Cenacle Treatment Centre is great for working professionals such as MD's &Consultants needing to hold private half day surgerys near Stepping Hll hospital. This is a pefect

The Ten Best Things about Quitting Smoking:     1. Live Longer      2. Better Health     3. Save Money     4. Look and feel Younger       5. Fresh Breath and Smell

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