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Massage helping rehabilitation Researches from the Nationwide Children's Hospital have publicised their "Journal of Paediatric Psychology" this has noted the effectiveness of massage within physical medicine , especially with the rehabilitation

Stigma attached to mental health The stigma attached to mental health issues is very prevalent in today's society, and more so in the workplace, employees feel comfortable with illness if its the flu or vomiting, or migraine, but when it comes to

Fiona Theokritoff who is a homeopath in Nottinghamshire relates the story of a poor mum whose 7 year old daughter had suddenly undergone a personality change. She had developed a lot of "attitude", and was mocking and rude in the consultation. She

Massage and body works The physical body is our home, the tool that is ours to use in this life. It works incredibly hard, and has enormous capacity for self-healing, but all sorts of things interfere with that ability: negative emotions,

Natural help for the menapause Women can now live thirty to fifty years past the menopause and they want to live those years in good health and free from symptoms. Natural approaches can help. The average age for the menopause in the UK is Fifty

When to visit a homeopath Whilst homeopathy can help in serious cases, it is obviously better to seek treatment before getting to this stage. This means recognising that minor symptoms are early warning signs: increased irritability

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