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Richard Linton Herbalist I  produce my own herbal and homeopathic remedies with much of the source material coming from the Peak District where I am based. With a passion for education and health I find it important to help the client

Room rental Available for Medical Clinics.    Hosting consulting rooms for medical treatments and consultations. Working with many consultants not only for RTA and Medical Negligence claims, we provide a consultation for surgery for

What is sports massage  Active sports people know how important it is to look after their bodies well, after all, when you’re injured you can’t play. Sports Therapy with  Annette Wrigley & Suzannah Blackwell at the Cenacle Treatment

Sports massage with Lewis Blackwell and Annettte wrigley.  Treatments availabe with Lewis Sports massge and relaxation massage, as a good massage therapist I have learnt alot of my skill base from Anntte Wrigley therapy but her skill base far

Helping ease the feelings of Anxiety    If its a cetain event that is approaching causing you anxiety, then hypnosis could be the therapy for you.,    What ever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve. (Napoleon

Facial Surgery# @cenacle   Consultants @CenacletreatmentcentreFacial Surgery#Cheshire Consultants specialise in reconstructive and head & neck surgery and our practice is dedicated to working on the face and neck. We treat

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