I went to Jenny in 2012 after she was recommended by another Therapist who I had been to years ago. Jenny was very friendly and made me feel she had all the time in the world for me and would often do an extra 10 minutes or more of treatment to make sure everything had been covered.

I felt Jenny genuinely had my best interests at heart and it was about her wanting to help people more than anything.

The reason I was going to Jenny was for anxiety issues l had had for 10 years and had tried numerous therapists. Also ,over organising my wedding as I had a fear that I would get very uptight and not be able to enjoy it as I should. My step dad died suddenly 5 months before my wedding and I felt a great loss as I was very close to him and suddenly felt responsible for my mums wellbeing which was starting to take over my life. I was struggling to balance being her main source of emotional support, deal with my own grief, go to work and plan my wedding which suddenly felt a bit tainted as it was not going to be the same without my step-dad. Jenny helped me through all this.

When my wedding day came I couldn’t believe how relaxed I was(so unlike me). I was convinced I would look and feel awkward on photos with so many people watching but I was happy and relaxed. We have had so many compliments on our wedding and how much fun everyone had. I did not get overwhelmed about my step dad not being there as I thought I would.

Since seeing Jenny I have felt more settled and noticed a difference in my anxiety levels. I rarely get anxious anymore and never to the same degree. When I think of some of the situations in the past where anxiety ruled my life it seems a lifetime ago.

My husband and I are expecting a baby any day and I feel Jenny has given me the confidence to believe I will be a good mother which I used to worry I wouldn’t be good enough to be.


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