At the beginning of 2014 my world was falling apart and I was in a very dark place. I had been assaulted and suffered painful head injuries, I had built up a successful business then lost it because of the downturn in demand, I was unemployed and had relationship problems as well and I was very depressed.

 I felt I couldn’t talk to anyone about it and it this catalogue of events gradually took its toll on me. As a result I sank deeper and deeper into depression to a point where I couldn’t take any more and I couldn’t see any way out and I decided to end it all. I phoned my mother and my girlfriend to say goodbye. One of them called the emergency services and an ambulance arrived and took me to hospital. When I came home from hospital my mother said I needed help and suggested I contact Jenny as she had been recommended.

When I first met with Jenny I was very distressed and still couldn’t talk about how I felt as it was too emotional. Jenny was very patient and understanding and used therapy techniques where I didn’t need to talk about my problems to start with and gradually this got me to a point where I could talk about it without being upset.

I started to attend regular therapy sessions with Jenny and realised that my depression had developed because I hadn’t dealt with all the stressful problems and issues I had experienced. I had just tried to ignore them and carry on and the stress had just built up until it pushed me over the edge.

Once we had identified the individual problems Jenny took the therapy in a different direction and we dealt with each problem in turn until they were eliminated. We then used further therapy to increase my self confidence and self esteem and then Jenny used Life Coaching to help me focus on the future and what I wanted to do, write a CV and start looking and applying for jobs.

By this time I was feeling much better and in October I had managed to get a job. It was only temporary but it was a job and meant I could earn some money again. This raised my self esteem and made me realise it was possible to get my life back and I could have a future. I joined my parents for a holiday at Christmas and when I came back I felt more relaxed and focussed. By the end of February 2015 I had got a permanent job. I am still working for the same company and have been
promoted since I started.

I can’t believe I have come so far in the last 12 months, I didn’t think it was possible and I couldn’t have done it without Jenny’s help and support. Throughout the process Jenny was patient and understanding. The therapy techniques she used were unusual and I hadn’t heard of them before, but they worked a million percent for me and that’s all that matters.


Thanks to Jenny’s skills, knowledge and support I have been able to turn my life around and I am in a much better place now. I am feeling well and happy and looking forward to the future.

I would recommend Jenny to anyone who is suffering from stress or anxiety.

Mr I , Merseyside Age 34

September 2015

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