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Spinal alignment treatment

Treatment for back pain can be solved with a simple adjustment by an Osteopath or chiropractic therapist.

How can osteopathy help me?

Clifford offers help in a wide range of conditions which affect the muscles, joints and bones:

  • Back pain e.g. acute low back or mid back pain due to a strain or injury, longer term or recurring back problems, postural strains, chronically stiff back.
  • Neck and shoulder pain and stiffness.
  • Headaches and migraines. Clifford has a specialist interest in these conditions, many are related to a neck problem for which osteopathy is very useful.
  • Trapped nerves e.g. in the low back causing sciatica in the leg, or in the neck causing pain and tingling in the arm.
  • Arthritic aches and pains. These can affect the back, neck or the peripheral joints.
  • Osteopathic treatment can be useful in helping to reduce stiffness and lessen the discomfort. Self help advice is also given.
    Joint sprains and strains e.g. feet, ankles, knees, hand, wrist.

Treatment for Back pain with Cliff Lomass (Osteopath)

If you suffer from back pain you are not alone. It is claimed that 4 out of 5 people get back pain at some stage of their lives. Osteopaths are in demand because they are well known as back specialists and many people say that orthodox medicine has little to offer back pain sufferers apart from medication and, in severe cases, surgery.
So, if you are seeking help for your back problem, let me tell you what I can offer should you decide to consult me.

I have treated thousands of people with back pain over the course of twenty-plus years. I have seen lots of backs and have gained valuable experience in treating back problems. I hope that you will benefit from that experience.
I enjoy listening to people and am keen that patients tell me as much as they can about their back problem so that I can understand their condition.
I will examine your back thoroughly to try to locate the root of the problem and to assess the state of the muscles and spinal joints. I will also assess your posture and general mobility. I will see if there are any signs of arthritis or inflammation.
I will ask about your medical history and be alert for any signs of an underlying medical condition which may be causing or aggravating the back pain.
I will be interested in your lifestyle and exercise habits again to assess if anything there is contributing to the back problem.

I will give you my opinion as to what is causing your back problem and try to give you an assessment of how many treatments would be needed to help you. Some problems are chronic long-term problems and the more realistic goal in these cases is to try to manage the problem and minimize the pain. Self-help advice will be given in these cases.

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