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Accident injury

Need medico legal service?

Cenacle Treatment Centre now provide Medico legal services for patients who have suffered physical and mental injury.

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We provide solicitors, insurers and agents with an efficient online system to book appointments with medical professionals, quickly and easily

An integral part of the service offered by CMS includes providing solicitors, insurers and agents with a highly efficient system for booking appointments online with our panel experts – GPs, consultants and clinical specialists - often at very short notice.

Instructions for medico-legal reports, for example, will normally be processed on the day the instructions are received, and appointments can be offered within two weeks. Home or prison visits can be arranged in accordance with the instructors’ requirements.

To ensure maximum efficiency, clients are reminded about their appointment by text and e-mail. In the event of a non-attendance by the client, CMS will inform the instructing firm within two days.

For more information about CMS' complete online resource for accident and injury claims processing – including quick and efficient appointment booking – contact us today.

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