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Former Lord Chancellors weight loss treatment

Eating apples when snacking exercise and a one meal a day

The 62 year old has lost 5 stone through eating a meal a day exercising and cutting out snacking by eating apples. The former labour Mp stated he did not drink tea or coffee and all he has drunk is diet cola drinks which he mentioned he might be addicted to. Since his weight reduction which was triggered by a knee injury and high blood pressure he has written a book on his weight loss achievements.

How did he lose weight?

For the Adult human body to keep functioning it needs at least 2000+ calories, the former labour mp by reduced his calorie intake as well as exercising every day. He is eating apples to stop his blood sugar crashing the caffeine in his sugar free drink will keep him in  balance.
His body will kick into ketosis after a while,this is when a patients body will utilize fat as energy.

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