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No Health without mental health

This is part of a government white paper about the cost of mental health in the workplace

Mental ill health represents up to 23% of the total burden of ill health in the uK –
the largest single cause of disability. Nearly 11% of England’s annual secondary
care health budget is spent on mental
health.Estimates have suggested that the cost of treating mental health problems
could double over the next 20 years.
More than £2 billion is spent annually on social care for people with mental health
problems. Detailed estimates in 2003 put the costs of mental health problems in England
at £77 billion, including costs of lost productivity and the wider impacts on
wellbeing. More recent estimates suggest that the costs may now be closer to £105 billion, of which around £30 billion is work related.

Sickness absence due to mental health problems costs the uK economy £8.4 billion a year and also results in £15.1 billion in reduced productivity.Mental health problems add considerably to the costs of the education and criminal justice systems and homelessness services. They are also the most common reason for incapacity benefits claims – around 43% of the 2.6 million people on long-term health-related benefits have a mental or behavioural disorder as their primary condition.

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