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England sees rapid rise in pre diabetes

Over one third of English adults have pre diabetes, according to a study by researchers in the US and UK, and published in BMJ Open. The study shows rates of pre diabetes have risen sharply in England - from 12% of adults affected in 2003 to 35% in 2011 - and the researchers warn that without action, this will lead to a sharp rise in full-blown type 2 diabetes in years to come.

For the study, University of Florida (UF) researchers worked with a team from the University of Leicester. Lead author professor Arch G. Mainous III, chair of UF's department of health services research, management and policy, says:

The rapid rise was exceptionally surprising and suggests that if something doesn't happen, there is going to be a huge increase in the prevalence of diabetes." ( sourced frm medical news)

Weight loss

Weight loss is often an issue with many people who go to see a nutritionist.

I have two approaches to it depending on the causes

  • For those with a certain metabolic disorder I am involved in a specialised clinic, based at the Cenacle Treatment Centre, using a medically supervised treatment in order to achieve a rapid weight loss and a correction of the disorder.
  • For others we look at re-balancing there food intake in order to achieve a more sustainable diet. With so much conflicting advise and changing fads, I work with the client to design a REALISTIC and enjoyable, long term achievable plan to take you to a healthier place.

Where there is a strong emotional link to the habits then I can refer you to other practitioners that can deal with this.

Written By Richard Linton

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