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Counselling therapies could save UK Business £8.4 Billion a year preventing sickness absence

Worker sickness Absence is a major problem within UK costing the UK Businesses 8.4 billion a year. This problem could prevented if UK employers invested in their workforce and used therapies such as Counselling.

Helping workers or just ticking boxes?

Business use cost cutting computer programs imitating cognitive Behavioural therapy which they believe can help in the support of employees stress. This cost cutting exercise only helps businesses tick a box and prevent their business from any legal action though does this imitation of therapy really aid in workers support. In effect can a computer program provide EMPATHY? or ask a question that may not be in its data base.
All qualified counsellors have to invest years of their lives to gather as many hours counselling clients which are supervised by a more experienced therapist, this process helps the counsellor increase their skill level and more importantly the understanding of the clients, once again I am doubtful a computer program can deliver such a service.
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