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FDA approve weight loss drug that can help you lose a stone in 3moths?

The FDA have approved a drug that can help obese people lose weight by suppressing appetite signals in the brain helping the obese person to eat less. At first this drug was rejected by the FDA due to concerns it gave animals tumours in testing a claim strongly denied from drug company San Diego-based Arena resubmitted its application with more data.

If they trailed a 20 stone obese person with belviq, and this drug claims to help you lose 5% body fat in 3moths that will equal one stone in weight loss. Other weight loss treatments such as the HCG protocol can help you lose one stone minimum in 8 weeks where you are burning through your own adipose tissue. Though to be able to receive the HCG treatment people must have a metabolic syndrome, other wise this process will not work. But with 35% of American people are obese and the rate obese UK following,the BSC Slimming clinic believes their are far more people who have this metabolic syndrome.

Side effects 0f Belviq weight loss drug

The medication is expected to launch in 2013. Though a combination of this medicine was pulled off the market in 1997 after being linked to heart valve damage, but the FDA said Belviq did not appear to carry the same risk. However, known side effects of Belviq do include depression, migraine and memory lapses, something weight the HCG protocol does not.

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