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Can’t seem to shake off a recurring sports injury??

Longstanding or recurring sports injuries signify a problem in your body mechanics.
When somewhere in our spine and nervous system is under-working, then the muscles, ligaments or tendons in that area function less effectively.

Chiropractic treatment for nerve pain & spinal alignment

All muscles in our body have a nerve supply that tells them to contract or relax. So when our brain tells our leg to move, the nerves will send that signal to cause the contraction in the leg muscle. So what if those nerve signals got scrambled?? If the nerve supply is less than optimal then the muscles won’t produce full strength. Also, if there is lack of support or strength we then start compensating in other areas. This can lead to overuse or underuse, resulting in ongoing soft tissue injuries and under performance.
If you want to peak your sporting performance, then it is necessary to have a full functioning spine and nervous system.
A Chiropractor checks your body from top to toe, to help get you up and running.

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